Specialising in helping individuals and small businesses with their online presence.

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I specialise in helping individuals and small businesses with their website using the powerful and flexible WordPress platform. I also provide assistance with anything related to building an online presence such as setting up Facebook, Twitter, etc. I can also teach you how to use social media and anything you need to know about your business online.

All this website stuff got you dumbfounded? Let me explain.

Why WordPress?

Because it is powerful, flexible, widely used and allows you to easily update your website without the help of a professional.

WordPress is free to install on your hosting account and you can find themes and plugins all over the Internet.

You can also add new features at any time. Depending on your budget you can have a custom design theme or chose from the 1000s of available themes – free or paid ones. WordPress also allows you to build powerful ecommerce websites (online shops).

WordPress has a high learning curve before it gets easy.  Uploading WordPress to your hosting account is straightforward – if you know FTP – or you can do a direct install from your cpanel – if you are comfortable with a cpanel…  Then you have to find a theme.Not all themes are created equal. They are all built differently, some have features that the others does not have, and they serve different purpose. A magazine style theme is more appropriate for blogging. If you are a photograph you might want a portfolio orientated theme, you have themes build especially for bands or events… It can get quite overwhelming. And will you know what plugin to use?

There are loads of tutorials available Online but they are more orientated for the working core of WordPress.  Themes have evolved and the setup can be totally different so creating tutorials for each theme would be impossible. Themes usually come with documentation but let me tell you, most of the time it is useless.

Basically this is where I come in: to save you from the hassles of finding the fight theme for your business, installing the basic plugins needed to run the site smoothly, finding and installing the extra plugins you might need for extra features. And I will spend some time with you to explain how to do it all yourself once set up.

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