Want your website cheaper?

Some free advice

If you want a site that looks great and costs less than your weekly grocery shopping, go to WordPress.com, Wix, or Squarespace. If you need help setting those up, find a freelancer on Upwork or Rev.

With WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace, all the answers to your questions will be available via Google Search. There are also countless of YouTube tutorials. You might also find that neighborhood children and students will be delighted to instruct you for peanuts.

If you've never managed a website before, starting with a free Worpress.com website is an option to have a feel of what awaits. You can learn a lot by yourself even though it might take you some time to achieve what we've been doing for years (we also have to stay in the know-how as it is an industry that constantly evolves).

The Problem

Choosing cheapness over quality for a website is actively courting being broken down on the highway in the middle of the night with a dead mobile phone.

The Solution

Think it over. Don't rush. 

The beauty of WordPress is that you can add features at anytime. You don't have to have it all at once. Start with the basics.

PS. I occasionally take on projects for free as to give back to the community, or pay-it-forward type of things. These are at my own discretion, and whenever I have the time. I sometimes come across outdated websites that I genuinely want to work on. Most of the time the owners don't acknowledge the offer probably in fear of being scammed, which is sad.

Don't know where to start? Have questions?